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About Our Partnership

T.M.I. Fitness partners with Psychologist to help their client become more active and healthy. 

Welcome Future Partners!


Thank you for your interest in Thrive.Motivate.Inspire. Fitness! We are a small black owned fitness business that aims to help those struggling mentally & physically! The owner, Jorden O’Neal, developed a program to help those struggling with their mental help because of her trials and tribulations in life. Maintaining one’s mental health is a constant battle and if there is anything we can do to help we will. O’Neal was given the opportunity to partner with One Behavioral Health, to test the support group style training and found improvements in clients overall sleep, nutrition, activity level, headaches, blood pressure, weight loss, and stress management during and after training.


Understanding the correlation between mental health and physical health is vital! Poor physical health can lead to an increase in mental health problems. Our focus is to help psychologists with their clients, by teaching the importance of physical fitness and education, and providing clients with personalized workout plans, and nutritional guidance. 


We have found our practice to have a great impact on our athletes! We work with athletes from all backgrounds. We provide them with a weekly safe support group setting meeting or workout. Our goal is to teach the importance of physical fitness through action and knowledge. 


A Few Values


Developing Attainable Goals

Skill & Knowledge Development


Support Group


Our Partnership Structure 

Virtual Program

4 Week Program (Monthly)

6 Clients Per Group (Max)

Weekly Support Group Meeting or Workout (Depending on the Plan)

Personalized Workout Program for Each Athlete

Daily Messages, Workout Reminders, & Motivation

Access to Blog Postings on

Weekly Update Provided to Partners


Thrive. Motivate.Inspire. Fitness is pushing to grow and expand! Our goal is to hire more trainers and nutritionists with diverse backgrounds to better the experience for the partners, athletes, and trainers. If you are interested in more information or partnering with us please fill out our form.   


One Behavioral Health